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Caravantours is an Italian tour operator specializing in group holidays and the organization of school trips, educational holidays and tours for students and teachers.

Caravantours is an Italian tour operator specializing in group holidays and the organization of school trips.

Many destinations are requested by students for their school trips to Italy, as there is such a wide choice available, but preference is generally given to cities like Florence, Rome, Venice, Naples, Turin and Trieste, and several places in Sicily such as Syracuse, Agrigento and Palermo.

Obviously, Rome is one of the most popular destinations because Italy's capital has truly so much to offer, and no other city in the world has left such a lasting mark on history as Rome, which allows visitors to see a wealth of monuments. Students can visit the Coliseum, the Imperial Forums, the Pantheon, catacombs and churches, the famous Piazza Navona and St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City. And last but certainly not least, the Seven Hills of Rome, and in particular the highest, the Capitoline Hill.

Many school trips also visit Turin, Italy's first capital after its unification 150 years ago, and Florence, one of Italy's most important art cities, particularly suitable for students of art history, who can admire masterpieces here by Brunelleschi (Florence Cathedral dome), Michelangelo, Giotto (campanile), Leone Battista Alberti (facade of the Santa Maria Novella Church) and many others.

Venice is also a highly popular destination, given its vast historical and cultural heritage, its unique geography and the city's immense fascination for visitors at all times of year.

Students of Greek history will certainly have an extra reason to visit Syracuse or Agrigento. The first was the most important centre of Greek civilization in Sicily, with many surviving monuments from its glorious past, like the Greek Theatre, visited by many school parties, and the Roman Amphitheatre. Agrigento, called ''Agrigentum'' by the Romans, is a city with a history of thousands of years, with extraordinary archaeological, artistic and architectural treasures that attract many school excursions.

So contact us if you're thinking of organizing a school trip or educational tour in Italy.

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