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The information provided below is based upon the information currently available to us. Caravantours T.O. shall not be held responsible for any discrepancies found on site (or on the museum’s website) in prices, opening and closing days and times, and in the additional notes.

All information regarding rates and opening hours indicated in our website are Pre Covid-19.
We kindly ask you to consult directly the website of each museum or momument in order to check rules currently in force.
Arrangements are different for each region/province/city as established by the local authorities.

From 1 March 2019 state museums:

admission for groups of EU school students is free, with booking required by submitting the list of names on headed school paper. Free admission for one teacher per 10 pupils, additional teachers pay full price.

The admission fee for EU young people aged 18-25 is €2 per person.

Free admission every first Sunday of the month from October to March (currently suspended), other dates with free admission are decided by the museum management.

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